Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Talk Wrench

I am a bloke.

This is a fact. I know this for certain because I have just returned from taking a wizz standing up and I still have dry shoes (there is other supporting evidence too, but I'll keep that to myself thankyouverymuch).

I also score very highly on the "engineer" spectrum.

These 2 contributory factors have served me pretty well throughout my life. If something needed fixing (and assuming it didn't rely on the evil black magic that is electricity), I would fix it. If something didn't need fixing I would probably take it apart to see why not and then just 'fix it' for the sake of it.

In short, life has equipped me well. The ability to take stuff apart (being a bloke) has been balanced with the ability to put it back together (being an engineer). Inanimate mechanical objects are my playground.


When it comes to human beings (particularly those of the opposite sex), the rules change.

I know that I can't fix every problem. I know that even if I could there is not a requirement for it in every single situation. I know that sometimes I just need to STFU and listen.

Knowing these things and actually enacting them are two very different things. Does anyone know of a good manual?

Or should I just fiddle with my toolbox less?



  1. I don't think anyone ever understands the opposite sex, they just pretend they do. But for feck's sake don't take realtionship advice from me, I am so crap in that department.

  2. I reckon you'd be great in a relationship. you have a warmth and openness that is blindingly obvious even through your words on a screen.

    Anyone who has the good fortune to be in a relationship with you should count themselves very, VERY lucky

  3. See, the fact that you're thinking about how you can help is enough..just be there I guess.
    What does NDC mean? Am I being dim??

  4. Libby, it's my name reduced to 3 letters - ND=Andy and the C is the first letter of my surname.

    I know, it's so much better when it's a mysterious 3 letters eh?

    Hope your head feels better now :-)