Friday, 11 March 2011

Facebook Lunacy.

I have a facebook account. Every now and then I post something to it. Usually it is fairly vacuous (stop sniggering at the back), sometimes it might be vaguely amusing and very, very occasionally there may be something useful in what I post.

Generally I use it to keep up with old friends, just to see what is happening in their lives. I suspect I am a fairly crap facebook friend because I read way more than I write.

But I have noticed a worrying new trend. People are now setting up facebook accounts for their pets. Admittedly I may have missed something on the news, some genetic breakthrough that has, for the first time, allowed Tibbles to operate the keyboard and therefore share their thoughts, opinions and concerns with the world via social networking. But I doubt it.

I doubt that Tibbles would really post "Just come back from the vet's with less than I went with. I am cross with mummy and daddy. Me-ow!" *

I suspect it would more likely be "Just had my nuts chopped off and it was sanctioned by those two feckers that I just about tolerate because they feed me."

I can't wait for HRH's corgis to share their first status update.

"If I get caviar for dinner one more time this week, I swear I will crap in Liz's slippers."

Andy likes this.


* - this is an actual, genuine post. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


  1. Sometimes I read stuff and I am just dying to add a smart arse remark. It really kills me to resist. I am a bad person.

  2. Remark away! You know I wouldn't be able to resist. Well, not for long anyway.

  3. I have so far resisted getting a facebook account but I'm beginning to feel like a social pariah. Now there are even competitions you can only enter by "liking" something on fb. Maybe I should ask the cat what he thinks...?

  4. He's probably already got his own page CQ (I wonder if cats tweet?)