Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sid Vicious will be spinning.

Glasvegas, a Glaswegian post-punk outfit are playing Rock City in Nottingham in May. They sing about fighting and shagging and being angry about stuff. They also swear a lot.

The lovely Future Mrs Adventures is a big fan and decided that it would further my musical education to see them live. We decided to book tickets.

£7.00 a pop, so we decide to take along the family.

To a Glasvegas gig.

The youngest (who went to see Justin Bieber on Friday) was warned that crowd surfing was off limits.

At this point I desperately wanted to email the frontman of this hard drinking, foul mouthed, system-smashing group to tell him his gig was the subject of a full on family outing. He would have cried into his cocaine*, I'm sure.

Luckily for the mighty Glasvegas, it turned out that due to an advertising error the tickets were in fact £15.00, which was a bit pricey.

After all, we'd spent rather a lot over the weekend on an iPad and some rather lovely soft furnishings.

Sorry Sid, it looks like it was all for nothing.


*- This is purely for comic effect. I'm sure he's never touched the stuff.


  1. Soft furnishings? ooh is that the grey cashmere bed throw!!
    Have never heard Glasvegas to youtube them now...

  2. I have no idea what they were Libby, but I'm assured they were very important....

  3. £15? A bargain. You should take the extended family. And the iPad

  4. NB - I was rather hoping that they'd do a live webcast. Then we could sit on the sofa with a rather cheeky Rioja and watch it on the iPad. How very rock n roll.