Monday, 14 March 2011

Got ma lip busted fightin', now there's blood on my top.

No, not me.

I refer of course to the wonderfully talented Plan B. I'm going out running in a short while (not just in daylight, but in actual sunshine!) and 'Always Stay Too Long' (the song from which the lyrics in the title are lifted) is my favourite track to run to, by an 8 minute mile.

It's been a long winter of runs. The ever increasing distance needed to stick to the training schedule is starting to get tedious. When you have been running for 3 hours even being shouted at by hookers is a welcome distraction (although I could have managed without seeing a fat man in just his pants watching television thankyouverymuch).

Yes, both of these things actually happened to me. On one run.

I'm hoping that now the nights are getting lighter and the weather is getting warmer I can summon up a little more enthusiasm for the training, find some of the spark that has gotten me this far. I know that come April 17th it will all be worthwhile, but right now a bit less time plodding along the mean streets of LE and a bit more time sitting on my arse with a glass of vino and the right company is a very appealing concept.

Despite the best efforts of Plan B, prostitutes and portly persons, my resolve is waning.


Edit:- This was due to be fired into the ether at 5.20pm and I was intending to be running by 6.30ish. Cue one stressy phonecall and voila! Post left hanging and I'm running in darkness at 7.30. Joy.


  1. Oh dear, I have also lost my enthusiasm for running but hope the better weather will re motivate me. Kudos to you, I would never run in the dark, the rain or the cold, I am a fairweather runner with the huge arse to prove it! :)

  2. Am very impressed with you and AG..running at all, ever, is above and beyond the call of duty in my keep at it, you're doing a grand job.

  3. AG - I am sure you burn at least as many calories managing your children as I do in a 5 mile run.

    Libby - When you're being shouted at by ladies of the night, running seems the easiest option :)

  4. B. hell. Give me the glass of vino and the (Ikea) sofa any day...

  5. CQ - This Ikea obsession has to stop! Sure, at first it's just an occasional Nyqvist, but before you know it you're into the Billy range and you just can't stop.