Monday, 7 March 2011

Because It's There.

Early start at the office for me today.

I was sitting at the main office PC, coffee in hand, trying to resolve an accounts problem hung over from Friday when the Business Partner breezes in.

BP is a man of few words. Conversations are a means of getting from A to B as quickly as possible. There should be no shilly-shallying or meandering. Any deviation from the original purpose of the exchange (and boy, there'd better be a purpose) is generally met with silence or, if he's really feeling chatty, a grunt.

Last week I managed to find out that he was planning to head to the Peak District for an organised walk over the weekend, so I thought I'd ask how it went;

Me - "Morning."
BP - "Morning."
Me -"How was the Peak District?"
BP - "Crap. It pissed down all day."
Me -"Oh dear. So not fun then?"
BP - "No."
Me -"Ok,"(by this point it's become a personal challenge to keep it going...)"Well, it does rain a lot up there, maybe next time the weather will be better."
BP - "Oh, I don't mind the rain, but I fucking hate walking uphill."

And thus we arrive at point B.



  1. Went on a walking weekend to the PEAK DISTRICT but hates walking uphill? Does not compute....

  2. I know. He did say that he was considering cancelling the trip he had booked to the Lake District. I said that might be wise.