Friday, 18 March 2011

The Seventh Deadly Sin

Last night was parent's evening, the first since The Boy Wonder started 'proper school'.

He and I had spoken about it briefly on the phone a couple of nights ago and there was great excitement in his voice. I asked him if his teacher would say that he'd been a good boy. There was a pause. Quite a long one. "She might say I had a time out* once or twice".

I hoped for the best and prepared myself for the worst.

After waiting an interminably long period of time on unfeasibly small chairs in a room at the school that could only be described as Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen's nightmare made real (Small children do love primary colours, don't they?) we were summoned in see the teacher.

As we wandered through the door I looked down at TBW. I could see the look of apprehension on his face. and realised that the fun and games we had been enjoying in the holding pen had evaporated from his mind. I remembered my less-than-stellar school career and the sinking feeling of parent's evenings, squeezed his hand and smiled at him.

His teacher is fantastic. She was warm and freindly and clearly has a huge amount of time for TBW. He is doing incredibly well and is way ahead of the game in reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

When I started writing this blog I thought that it'd be nice for him to read one day when he's older. I'm now concerned that I've already set the reading age too low for his current abilities.

Yes I know that it's one of the seven cardinal sins, but I don't care. I honestly think I might burst with pride.

You, Sunshine, mean the world to me. Fact.


* - If you have kids under 8 you will know what this is. 
For those of you with kids between 8 and 15 think equivalent to  'The Naughty Step'. 
For those with kids between 16 and 20 think equivalent to  'A Good Telling Off'. 
For those of you without kids and older than 35 think equivalent to 'A Clip Round The Ear And Bed With No Tea'.


  1. Don't apologise for being a proud he's lovely, and glad to have you as a dad too.

  2. Loved the explainations at the end :)

  3. Bits at the end v. funny. Enjoy Parents' Evenings while you can. In my bitter experience, it's all downhill from now on!

  4. Libby - I think he's pretty cool, but I'm woefully biased on the subject :)

    AG - Apparently sending them up a chimney to 'learn 'em good' is frowned upon these days...

    CQ - It'll be fine. He was rewarded with a Transformer toy on Saturday. I'm sure that will be enough to keep him motivated until his GCSEs.